The Stony Ridge Farm Share

Years ago, back in Baltimore, we participated in a traditional CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). We came up with a big chunk of cash sometime in late winter and then received a big bag of wonderful produce for about 25 weeks each year. We liked it, but we had many wishes about how it could be fashioned to serve our needs much better. Things like: easier payment options, more diversification in the weekly share, less in the weekly share…perhaps you have had such an experience.

Fast forward some years and you find us in a position to create the CSA of our dreams. We’ve only been in the business for about 9 months, but what we’ve come to offer is:

  • A farm share that comes in 10-week intervals, or a 26-week seasonal share
  • Affordably priced bag of produce that contains enough produce for 2 people for one week
  • A diverse share. For example: while the kale may run for 2 months, it will never be the predominant product in your share. We do go heavy on spinach as we have learned most customers like that. Onions are in the share almost every week. We have herbs and fruit.
  • We offer a delivery option to households whose schedule does not allow for pick-up at the farm. We deliver to Jefferson County, WV and Baltimore, MD.
  • We offer a flexible pick-up schedule for those who wish to see where their food is grown and meet McKeever.
  • We pause your share for vacations, emergencies, or just to let you catch up on eating on your yummies.

As many of you know, Bob busted a gut unloading the truck at the beginning of the Market season. This has forced us to look to offering shares in our harvests as the easiest way for these 2 old farmers to move our produce in a manner that limits a lot of the weekly heavy lifting that farm markets require. We currently have 40 members and would very much like to grow to 50 for the 2016 season.

Stony Ridge Farm is a small and honest homestead with a 1-acre market garden. We do not use industrial agro-chemicals, we primarily grow heirloom varieties of vegetables alongside raspberries and strawberries. An overview of our planting schedule can be found here.

Please email us for more information at stonyridgefarmwv (at) or use the contact form on this website.