Farm House Retreat

Doesn’t it sound fascinating…the thought of visiting a homestead with an active market garden for a few days? Sitting by the wood stove with your favorite book or knitting project while the winter minutes tic by unnoticed…walking through the pasture, listening to the warblers sing the cold away…maybe even taking a nice nap in an antique four-post bed for an hour or so.

You can have a day like this easily! Bob and I are here all winter long. We’re building, cooking and planning and we’d love to have you for a visit to help warm the winter hours as they pass. We have 2 bedrooms available, both with a full size bed and access to a private bath. We’ll even make sure there’s warm coffee and tea, as well as some breakfast nosh.

Just now, the goats and chickens are goating and chickening, McKeever (our very big shepherd) is McKeevering. We’ve been recovering from the market pace that ended in October. In January, we’ll start seedlings and by March they will be out in the new mini-greenhouse. We start direct seeding in late January too, as soon as there is more than 10 hours of daylight to warm the ground enough for germination of things like arugula and certain varieties of lettuce. Aren’t you curious how it all comes together?

We’ve had many guests over the past year, and they have such lovely things to say! You can just click here for more information about the entire enterprise. And, feel free to email with any questions!

Hope to see you soon!

Lorrie & Bob