About Stony Ridge Farm

Stony Ridge Farm is the micro-farm and homestead of Lorrie & Bob. Stony Ridge is in Harpers Ferry, WV and grows heirloom produce using four season farming practices. It is the place where good food meets great design and excellent small business practices.

In 2009 we landed here from Baltimore and first took up the task of creating a home out of a 1979 modular that had not been renovated in 30 years – imagine…gold and red shag carpets, avocado and orange kitchen with pressed paneling, and electric baseboard heat. Want to see the transformation for yourself? Come take a retreat at the homestead through Airbnb!

The home is now energy efficient, comfortable and modern. We heat with a gorgeous Vermont Cast stove, we cook with propane, and we have plenty of room for our offices and visiting friends and families. Bob built a game room to hold his pool table. Come over to shoot a game, anytime!

In 2014 we completed the exterior renovation of the house, as a follow up to the restoration of the barn and stable in 2013. Construction is now complete and we can focus on building the business ventures of the farm.

In 2011 we began exploring the potential of 5-acres that envelop the home. We tried farmers’ markets and farm stand at the property, but the best way to get good food to busy people is through our 50-member farm share program and electronic newsletter.  We deliver as well as provide scheduled pick-up at the farm. Flavor, nutrition, and convenience are our goals.

Over the years we have built fifteen raised beds and six low tunnels using four-season growing practices to guide the production area’s development. There are fifty hardwood logs inoculated with shiitake and oyster mushroom. Each spring and fall they fruit in abundance to the delight of many. McKeever, our 125 pound shepherd, keeps the groundhog and deer away. We have fed ourselves and our neighbors for four years from this fecund oasis in the midst of pasture lands.

Bob says the farm is a petting zoo because the two Tennessee Fainting Goats and 90 chickens, two cats and McKeever are more like family than farm animals. Come by and visit them anytime and take home a dozen of the best eggs you’ll ever eat!

Click here to see the most recent newsletter that details current harvest, location of farm stands, and a few recipes that help you enjoy fresh produce while preserving the most of its nutrients. You can order from the farm directly by e-mailing Lorrie, phone calls are a less reliable option. Perhaps the best way to keep up with us is our Facebook Group, Stony Ridge Farm Deliveries, which lists harvests as they are available, year ‘round.


Stay at Stony Ridge

The Farm House Retreat is a one-room, private bath Airbnb offering. Guests love staying at the farm to disconnect from the pace of urban life, get in some outdoor recreation, and tour the historic towns in the area. Click the link below to learn more!

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Located in Harper's Ferry, WV